IQTC – the first training center in Baltic states to provide GWO ART training

IQTC has successfully passed Advanced Rescue Training (ART) course audit thus becoming the first training centre in Baltic States that provides GWO ART module training. With the Advanced Rescue Training, GWO has developed a new training standard in the field of height safety and rescue. The training is aimed at people who work in areas at risk of falling, such as the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of wind turbines and other high-altitude infrastructures. In addition to special knowledge of height safety, the training increases the independence of the rescuer and enables the successful transport of a colleague who cannot evacuate himself to a assembly point until professional emergency helpers arrive. The modules teach emergency rescue from a turbine using rescue equipment, industry standard rescue methods and techniques that go beyond GWO Working at height.

The first training will begin on 26 March in Riga. If you are interested, please call +37127007651 or email info@iqtc-riga.eu to register.

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