Employee voices: “Make them feel good!”

Service work on wind turbines is a seasonal business. This means that all wind farm operators have an increased need for manpower during the warm months. We support them by making our manpower available to them. One challenge here is that the locations change depending on the wind farm and the working hours do not always correspond to those of a typical office job. Offshore work, for example, is carried out every 14 days: 14 days work, 14 days off. Our HR specialist Kathrin Borowiak ensures that the right employees are always in the right place at the right time.

“How should we imagine the job as an HR Specialist? What are your tasks?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “Our work begins when the employees have decided to work for us. Then we draw up the employment contract and the additional agreements. This is followed by applications to the health insurance company or the tax office. All our employees’ documents are stored in a personal file. In addition, we record the exact working hours of the employee. This must be done carefully, as the pay slips for the employees and the invoices for the customer are drawn up on this basis. We also issue certificates or job references.”

“What is the special thing about being an HR Specialist in the WP Group?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “Compared to other companies, I look after employees who do not work with me in the same building or company. We place our employees with our customers for work assignments. This requires a lot of tact and sensitivity. This is not always easy, because our customers also have requirements. They need people with a wide variety of qualifications or at different locations. Here we try to clarify in a personal discussion which assignments and working hours are suitable for our employees.”

“How do you look after your employees?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “As an HR specialist, I am the first contact person for our employees. I always try to fulfil the wishes of our employees so that they feel comfortable with us. This also includes taking care of many small things. If the work shoes or the survival suit are defective, I inform our warehouse so that the equipment for the employee can be reassembled and documented there.”

“The employees you look after are on duty at customers’ premises. Do you also have personal contact with them?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “In addition to e-mail and telephone, I also try to meet all our employees personally. That goes quite well on the crew change days. Every 14 days a team comes back from its offshore assignment and a new team sets off. Since everyone is equipped with work clothes in our storage, this is a good time to talk to them and establish a personal basis.”

“Does your working day have a typical sequence of events?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “Yes and no. Of course, there are recurring tasks, but something new comes regularly. So every day is different and varied.”

“How was your career as an HR Specialist? And is there a typical training program?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “Most HR Specialists are trained personnel service clerks. However, I am a lateral entrant. After graduating from high school, I began an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk. Then I worked in Purchasing and Import and studied Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources while working.”

“What made you decide to study Human Resources part-time?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “In addition to my work in purchasing and import at the time, I conducted seminars for the trainees and took care of the interns. Here I quickly noticed that I enjoy working with people more than buying components for machines.”

“What do you enjoy most about your job?”

Kathrin Borowiak: “The wind energy industry is young and still clearly arranged. Everyone here quickly knows everyone. This is very helpful in ensuring good cooperation between employees and customers, as we have to coordinate the different wishes of employees and customers in our daily work time and again. We also work internationally. Here I meet daily with the most diverse people and their nationalities.”

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