New service offer: We inspect service lifts

Every meter counts

Wind turbines are equipped with service lifts, which is a good thing. With more than 100 meters from the foundation to the nacelle, the towers are as high as a building with 30 floors. The lifts transport personnel, tools and components quickly and safely to the top. Without them, maintenance work would be much more time-consuming.

Annual inspection is mandatory

Even though the lifts in the wind turbines are rarely used: They carry people. For this reason, the new Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), which came into force on 1 June 2015, classifies service lifts as installations requiring monitoring. They now have to be repeatedly inspected by an Approved Surveillance Authority (ZÜS). The deadlines have been shortened and standardised for all plants. An annual inspection is obligatory, with main and intermediate inspections alternating on an annual basis.

We have expanded our service portfolio and are now carrying out inspections, maintenance and repairs of access systems and ladders. We check whether the safety equipment, the electrical engineering and all components including steel cables, rope end fixings and the car are free of damage and function perfectly. Extra work such as rope replacement, lamp replacement, removal of components for manufacturer maintenance, and much more round off our range of services.

We are currently inspecting Hailo’s access systems and ladders; with components from Duallift and Tractel (winches and safety gears).

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