Employee voices: “high performance, high potential”

The best among the best are always sought. Particularly qualified employees represent an important resource for companies. Employers are desperately looking for candidates with expert knowledge and experience in leadership. Christina A. Spallek, head of our High Potentials department, gives us insight into the topic ‘finding and retaining high potentials’. Due to her many years of experience in personnel consulting, she has a good feeling for people and the needs of clients.

Interview with Christina A. Spallek

“High Potentials - what is that?”

C.A. Spallek: “I don’t think the term ‘high potentials’ necessarily has anything to do with academic training. High Potentials are specialists and executives with expertise on specific topics and/or leadership experience.”

“What does ‘high potential’ mean to the WP Group?”

C.A. Spallek: “By this we mean technical and commercial specialists and executives with practical experience in engineering (such as. Research & development, quality assurance, electrical engineering, automation and corrosion protection), management (e.g. in technical purchasing, logistics, human resources, assistance, controlling and accounting) and all tasks related to project management (such as commercial/technical operations management, construction management, site management, coordination, offshore planning, HSE or occupational safety).”

“What competencies distinguish High Potentials?”

C.A. Spallek: “Sound practical experience in the field in question plays an essential role. Depending on the requirements of the position, studies or specific vocational training are also important. High Potentials unites flexibility, priority setting, work organisation, stress tolerance, assertiveness, team spirit, communication, entrepreneurial thinking and acting.”

“Which criteria are important for the WP Group?”

C.A. Spallek: “Several criteria have top priority for us as an internationally active group of companies. Professional knowledge is the basis for being able to work in a specific professional field. Furthermore, high potentials should be able to select the appropriate techniques and working methods in order to solve tasks and problems systematically and purposefully. Social skills play an essential role - especially in a culturally diverse working environment such as the wind industry. We are also interested in spatial and personal flexibility.”

“How are high potentials promoted and qualified in the WP Group?”

C.A. Spallek: “We have developed and implemented a strategic concept for employee retention within the company. It is important for us to strengthen the emotional connection to the group of companies. In addition to salary and social benefits, appreciation in the workplace is an important reason why employees remain loyal to the company for a long time. We also offer training opportunities at our IQTC International Qualification & Training Center in Riga. Our focus is on the employee. In the WP Group there is a trusting working atmosphere. Direct contact persons always have an open ear for the employees. We have interesting and varied projects in the field of renewable energies and other industrial branches. The adventure offshore can be lived with us.”

“What does the job market look like for high potentials in the wind energy sector?”

C.A. Spallek: “The career prospects in the wind energy sector are very good, especially for electrical engineering specialists. New wind farms are always being planned and built. The older turbines have to be properly inspected and repaired.”

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