Employee voices: “Our first experience as rotor blade technicians.”

First professional experience as rotor blade service technician for wind turbines

Every year there is an increasing demand for qualified specialists in the renewable energy sector. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), up to 15,000 experts will be lacking in the wind power sector by 2030 alone. The impending shortage of skilled workers is already having negative consequences for the growth and innovative capacity of Germany as a business location. This applies in particular to service technicians. For this reason, the WP Group in cooperation with the IQTC (International Qualification & Training Center) has developed training modules for the qualification of service technicians for wind turbines. At the end of the training, the suitable participants receive a paid 6-month internship in the field as well as the chance to continue working as a service technician.

We asked our industrial employees from Latvia and Lithuania how successful this initiative of the WP Group has been so far, who have already gained their first experience in the industry and overcome many challenges. In a conversation, they gave us their personal views on the wind industry.

“Why did you decide to start your career in the wind industry and acquire a qualification as a service technician for wind turbines?”

Kristaps Grauss: “A few years ago I lived in Denmark, a country that plays a leading role in the manufacture of wind turbines. There I met my first rotor blades, which I discovered near a factory. The impressive size of the turbine aroused my interest and curiosity. I wanted to understand how they work and what they look like from the inside and from above. When I returned to Latvia looking for a job, I came across the IQTC advertisement for the Rotor Blade Service Technician course. I knew that this was my opportunity to start my professional career in the wind energy industry.”

Vaidas Valantinas: “I am a beginner in wind energy. During my first working season I gained a lot of practical knowledge. I am very grateful to be able to work with highly qualified and experienced colleagues. The wind industry is booming. People think ‘green’. The future belongs to renewable energies. So, in this context, the wind industry looks very attractive and has great growth potential. For these reasons I have decided to become a professional in the wind energy sector.”

Vadim Lazutin: “I learned the information about training to become a rotor blade service technician from my friends. I immediately saw this as my opportunity. Great opportunities for development in this area mean stability and growth for me.“

“How do you rate the training and instructors offered at IQTC?“

Kristaps Grauss: “The IQTC training center offers almost everything you need on the job market to become more competitive. Everything from theoretical preparation to certification and practical training can be found in the IQTC. I greatly appreciated the practice-oriented know-how of the instructors.”

Vaidas Valantinas: “This type of training is completely new to me, so I cannot judge and compare it. The training has undoubtedly been organised at the highest level and the existing instructors are absolute professionals.”

Vadim Lazutin: “The training is informative and concise. However, I still lacked more practice. In my opinion, the level of the teachers is very good, so I give a full 10 points.”

“Were you able to use the theoretical knowledge in the real working situation at a height of 120 m?”

Kristaps Grauss: “Yes, without this knowledge I could not do my work.”

Vaidas Valantinas: “Theory without practice is sterile; practice without theory is blind. Professionalism is a combination of theory and know-how.”

Vadim Lazutin: “Definitely I put my learned knowledge into practice. However, the decisive point is professional experience. The training gave me a good theoretical foundation. For example, many of my colleagues were positively surprised by my extensive knowledge of production technology.”

“Can you give some advice to those who want to work with the wind industry in the future?”

Kristps Grauss: “The wind industry as it is today is a relatively new and fast growing sector. If you want to be successful in this industry, you have to be able to constantly improve your professional skills and competences. I also suggest learning German and English as foreign languages.”

Vaidas Valantinas: “A wonderful opportunity for those who love nature, the wind and a beautiful view and who also feel great in the heights!”

Vadim Lazutin: “In terms of prospects, this profession is a perfect choice. What could be better than watching the sunrise at a height of 120 metres and getting paid for it?”

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